Giorgia´s Story

Just as Quadient has evolved, Giorgia has grown through the Empower Program since joining the company in 2012.


"Quadient is changing and transforming. We are continuously progressing!”​​


What have you learned about Quadient since you started working here?

"I’ve learned that we are truly a global company with an international approach. Since the Back to Growth strategy, we work as a region and there are more opportunities to engage with other countries and have broader experiences. We are a global company with a unified offer, unified message, and unified mission."

What makes you proud to work for Quadient?

"I’m very proud to be a part of the Empower Program, a leadership program for women. When I accepted the challenge of my current position, Quadient provided what I needed to grow in my role. I didn’t have the experience, knowledge, or mindset as a manager, but the company provided me with the opportunity through mentorship and training to close this gap. Everything that I’m learning through this program I want to share with my team."

Which core value describes your experience at Quadient?

" Empowerment resonates most with me. I’m an example of empowerment. Someone believed in me and provided me with the tools for development, and I’m doing the same with my colleagues and my team. That’s my favorite part of my job, and I get a lot of satisfaction from taking the best from people and giving them an opportunity to shine." 

How have you grown in your role while at Quadient?

"The mentorship I’ve received in the Empower Program has significantly helped me grow.
Thanks to this program, I feel more self-confident. When I first became a manager, I wondered if I was in this role for diversity as a younger employee and a woman, but the mentorship helped me realize that I deserve to be in this role and can make a contribution. It changed my mindset, and I became aware of what I can provide as added value to my team, my region, and the company. I now understand that I can make a difference, not just in marketing, but with people, to develop a strong group of colleagues."