Diversity and Inclusion

Quadient’s employee community represents dozens of cultures across the globe. We are many voices united in one passion – to make meaningful connections.

Our commitment 

At Quadient, we are committed to ensuring every employee, customer, partner and community we serve feels that connection and sense of belonging. It is not enough to say we are diverse. Our global heritage means we must set the standard for equality and inclusion.

Being Quadient means we are committed to listening and valuing the unique voices of our employees and our customers. 

We are committed to finding inspiration in our diverse perspectives and leveraging them to create innovative business solutions to fulfill our vision to drive the world’s most meaningful customer experiences.


Meaningful connections are at the heart of everything we do -- connecting to our communities, our families, our customers and one another. Our goal is to empower every employee to make meaningful connections, and we do that by finding more ways for people to be included.

From our internal social network to community service projects to employee resource groups, we offer multiple opportunities for employees to connect with each other and the community. 

Our Diversity and Inclusion Programs
The Empower Program

Sponsored by Geoffrey Godet, CEO and the Executive Management Team at Quadient, it is a virtual learning series to help women navigate the complexity of a leadership career. The program is designed to deliver practical insights and skills focused on both the challenges and opportunities for women in leadership. Women leaders will build a powerful learning network and in turn, empower other women and be part of their success story. 

Employee Resource Groups
These groups are focused on creating an environment that welcoming to employees of diverse backgrounds.  These groups are voluntary, employee-led groups whose goal is to help build a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with organizational values. Our support and commitment to these groups will benefit everyone in the organization, make their company a better place to work for future employees, and boost the company's direction and success
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