Diversity and Inclusion

Quadient’s employee community represents dozens of cultures across the globe. We are many voices united in one passion – to make meaningful connections.

So what does diversity mean for us at Quadient? 

Diversity is about recognizing and celebrating the differences that make each one of us individual.  
Inclusion is about us, our values, our connections and the choices we make every day to cultivate a workplace where we all feel valued, respected, welcomed and empowered to be our authentic selves.  We don’t have to pretend to be someone else to fit in.   
And when we bring Inclusion and Diversity together, a beautiful thing happens, we create an environment of belonging, meaning we all feel accepted for who we truly are within our Quadient Community. 
Together we strengthen the connection between people and what matters.  And Because Connections matter, Inclusion and Diversity matters.



    Our Commitment

Diversity celebrates our unique differences, while inclusion fosters a sense of belonging, where we're valued, respected, and empowered to be ourselves. Together, they create a Quadient Community where connections matter.

Read our Diversity & Inclusion Policy

We believe that every unique Quadient employee is valuable to our success as a business and should be treated with fairness and respect. We embrace and encourage our employees’ differences and all employees will be treated fairly and with respect.  
If you’re looking to work in a company where you’ll feel engaged with your colleagues, join our team and experience an environment where Diversity, Equity and inclusion are not just buzzwords but are genuinely felt and prioritized by our employees.

Our employee-led, company-supported Empowered Communities provide safer spaces where employees can connect, share experiences, and support one another. These networks are a vital resource for celebrating diversity, enhancing awareness and understanding, and creating a sense of belonging. Our Empowered Communities are:
  • Love is Love – to empower our LGBTQ+ community, increase visibility, and contribute to a safer environment
  • Fearless WoMen – to empower and advance women in Quadient and support the attraction, development, and retention of women
  • Mosaic – to empower and promote understanding of different racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds and support attraction, development, and retention efforts
  • DiverseAbility – to empower people with disabilities and those with long-term health conditions and promote accessibility and inclusion
  • Act4Earth – actively promoting changes in daily habits, providing information and education on natural resources and environmental protection

Our Partnerships

myGwork myGwork is the largest global business community of LGBTQ+ professionals, graduates, inclusive employers and anyone who believes in workplace equality. 
WISE - Women in Sales WISE, a division of CloserIQ, is a global community dedicated to developing the next generation of female sales leaders.
The Valuable 500 The Valuable 500 is a global initiative for the inclusion of people with disabilities in business. 
CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion  The CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ aims to rally the business community to advance diversity &
inclusion within the workplace by working collectively across organizations and sectors. .
Czechitas Czechitas are a non-profit organization made up of young women and men who all share one common goal – to increase diversity in the world of IT and to fight for a higher level of digital proficiency among women and in the new generation.
Quadient Engagement Survey 2022
We are thrilled to share the incredible results of our recent Employee Engagement Survey 2022, which boasted an impressive participation rate of 83%! Our employees reported a high level of engagement and a deep sense of inclusion within the company.
The survey revealed that our employees feel a strong sense of belonging, with high scores in this area, and they also feel valued by our senior leaders, who continue to demonstrate that people are important to the company's success. Our employees have confidence in their career growth opportunities at Quadient and feel their managers genuinely care about their well-being.
We truly value our employees' opinions, taking action based on feedback, and we actively encourage them to share their thoughts and ideas with us.  We are proud to offer you a safe place where you can bring your authentic self to work and feel respected, providing you with the autonomy, and support you need to effectively perform your job.
How is it to be colorblind?
Interview with Libor - Software Developer
On December 3, 2021 we celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD). Today we recognize, Libor software developer in the Czech Republic and his ongoing support for fellow colleagues dealing with color blindness. Libor has recognized that although color blindness is considered a disability it will not limit his creative abilities and his love for the arts. Click below to read more on Libor’s story and how Quadient supports our colleagues with colorblindness.
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