Diversity and Inclusion

Quadient’s employee community represents dozens of cultures across the globe. We are many voices united in one passion – to make meaningful connections.

Our commitment 

Ask a hundred people what inclusion means and you’ll get a hundred different answers.  Ask them what it means to be excluded and the answer will be uniformly clear:  It’s when you feel left out. 

So what does diversity mean for us at Quadient? 

Diversity is about recognizing and celebrating the differences that make each one of us individual.  
Inclusion is about us, our values, our connections and the choices we make every day to cultivate a workplace where we all feel valued, respected, welcomed and empowered to be our authentic ​​​​​​​selves.  We don’t have to pretend to be someone else to fit in.   
And when we bring Inclusion and Diversity together, a beautiful thing happens, we create an environment of belonging, meaning we all feel accepted for who we truly are within our Quadient Community. 
Together we strengthen the connection between people and what matters.  And Because Connections matter, Inclusion and Diversity matters.


We believe that every unique Quadient employee is valuable to our success as a business and should be treated with fairness and respect.  We do not discriminate against any individual because of their age, gender identity or reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy, paternity or maternity, parental or family status, race or ethnicity, nationality or national origin, color, religion, disability status, sex or sexual orientation veteran status, political affiliation, language, genetic information (including family medical history),  or any other dimension of diversity.  We embrace and encourage our employees’ differences and all employees will be treated fairly and with respect.  

Quadient is opened for inclusion and diversity! 

What does that mean for our employees? Learn more about our inclusion approach with this video.
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Read our Diversity & Inclusion Policy 

Quadient Joins The Valuable 500
Quadient has joined The Valuable 500, a global initiative for the inclusion of people with disabilities in business. This initiative aims at gathering 500 companies to be the tipping-point for change and help unlock the social and economic value of over 1 billion people living with disabilities across the world.
“Accelerating disability inclusion is part of our HR approach and of our company values of Empowerment, Passion, Inspiration and Community. We are excited to join The Valuable 500 and, as a member of this community, be able to advance opportunity, equality and inclusion for all,” said Stéphanie Auchabie, chief people officer at Quadient. 

Our Diversity and Inclusion Programs
The Empower Program

Sponsored by Geoffrey Godet, CEO and the Executive Management Team at Quadient, it is a virtual learning series to help women navigate the complexity of a leadership career. The program is designed to deliver practical insights and skills focused on both the challenges and opportunities for women in leadership. Women leaders will build a powerful learning network and in turn, empower other women and be part of their success story. 

​​​​​​​Employee Resource Groups: Empowered Communities
These groups are focused on creating an environment that welcoming to employees of diverse backgrounds.  These groups are voluntary, employee-led groups whose goal is to help build a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with organizational values. Our support and commitment to these groups will benefit everyone in the organization, make their company a better place to work for future employees, and boost the company's direction and success.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Inclusion and Diversity is a key objective  of the Corporate Social Responsibility
strategy at Quadient as one of the three causes we have chosen to support in our Communities outside of Quadient.  Our plan is to take the momentum from this Empowered Communities program and channel it to benefit organizations outside of Quadient starting in 2021.   


Annual Inclusion and Diversity Survey
In 2020, Quadient released it’s first annual Inclusion and Diversity employee survey. We use these survey results as our baseline metric. Our goal is to improve our scores on a yearly basis.

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