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We connect our customers with leading-edge digital solutions so they can provide meaningful experiences to their customers at every touchpoint. 

For us, innovation isn’t just a buzzword — it’s a strategic approach to meeting the business needs of our customers. That’s how we remain the leader in digital Customer Experience Management, hybrid and digital communications and Parcel Locker solutions. With one of our solutions 
YayPay by Quadient we develop cutting-edge accounts receivable technology that helps businesses create meaningful customer connections. 

With 40% of our team dedicated to R&D, we’re committed to developing advanced hardware and software solutions that strengthen every customer interaction and build deeper connections.

If you want to have real-world impact and help shape the future of business technology, Quadient may be the EPIC opportunity you’re looking for.

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Innovation in action ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Today’s proliferation of customer technologies and data creates unique challenges. Every year, we convert eight billion business transactions into personalized experiences by staying ahead of market trends, understanding evolving compliance mandates, and providing relevant solutions

An industry trailblazer

​​​​​​​We’re proud to be a recognized industry leader. We’re listed on the Aspire CCS leaderboard and received the Xplor 2019 Technology of the Year award or were among Finalists for Parcel and Postal Technology International Awards 2021 . Our technology team is at the forefront of business process technology, omnichannel communications, and last-mile delivery automation.
Collaboration across the globe
Our worldwide presence includes research and development centers located in Bagneux and Cavaillon (France), Drachten (Netherlands), Hradec Králové, Olomouc, and Ostrava (Czech Republic), Loughton (UK), and Irvine or Milford (USA) — or explore many technical positions in other locations.


Types of tech positions available 

product development
Solution Specialists/Product Support 
We need talented product support and solution specialists to help us stay at the forefront of technology and the market. Our passionate product support team leads the ideation, development, and launch of world-class products by assessing market and customer needs. Our people develop and improve products using insights from market research, analysis, and usability studies.  
Engineering & Operations
We rely on empowered engineers to continue to grow our organization. Our engineers help achieve our strategic direction, research, then determine the probability of implementing technology. Engineers keep up to date on competitive technology and end-user needs, while enjoying opportunities to grow and learn.
engineering & operations
To deliver advanced, market-leading products, our developers are tasked with designing and writing web applications that are cutting-edge, providing an exceptional end user experience.  Assisting in the QA and testing process of existing and new features, this is a collaborative team that participates in every aspect of deployment.  
With a blend of exceptional customer service and advanced technical knowledge, our Field Service Technicians seamlessly install products at the site, while managing factors such as on-site team experience, site readiness, and testing of features for proper performance. Post install, our teams provide virtual and on-site technical support for products.

Meet the Tech Team


Hear from our Tech Colleagues 

Jeffrey - Software Engineer
"As a part of the engineering team I find the most attractive the whole structure of our product, combined with the integrations of our cloud applications and outside CMS APIs. Working in the property management space and facing tasks unique to them within our software proves to be attractive.“         
Zbyněk - Chief Technology Officer 
"My job is about a never-ending change – it covers implementation of innovations for customers, usage of new technologies for new solutions, improvement of SW development and its quality and mainly working together with my team. Today everything changes very quickly in our field – every year or half a year new technologies and trends showing up, daily we see new SW development approaches and best practices which needs to be evaluated and implemented in SW development organization."
Jake - Senior Production Technician
"The biggest challenge are the production machines because every day is different with these machines. The combination of electronic and mechanical components combined with customer environment and materials will certainly put your mind to work."
Ted - Service Director  
"I started as a Field Service Technician and have progressed to my current role as Director of Service. I have always been involved in the Mail Solutions part of the products so I have a soft spot for that, but our new lines of Business Automation Process and Parcel Lockers are the wave of the future."
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