"Today even more, I realize the importance of our international strength. I really appreciate the exchanges with my colleagues outside our region, it's very enriching". 


What attracted you join to Quadient?

I joined Quadient seven years ago and was very surprised to be offered a position with assignments that allowed me to develop my management skills, because I had never done that before. All past 7 years my managers have trusted me and offered me new positions where I can excel! I've often heard my managers tell me that they believe in me more than I do.

How do you feel you have an impact on the success of the company?

I am committed and motivated. It shows in the results of my teams. What I appreciate most is working with my teams, sharing the issues with them, giving them meaning. For my part, I need to understand why I have to do what I'm asked to do, and I like to think that my teams do too.
I don't know everything: "alone we go faster, together we go further". 
Thinking about our core values — Empowerment, Passion, Inspiration, Community — which one best describes your experience at Quadient?
It's Passion 😊! I am passionate when I love what I do and my manager trusts me. And since I joined Quadient, I have always been passionate about my assignments. Of course not all of them would be an exaggeration and a lie. I am very grateful to my first manager, who started it all. Today, I would say that all values are important:
Autonomy: it is fundamental to be able to express oneself 
Passion: it drives us
Inspiration: of course, being inspired by others and sharing is very important
Community: as I said before, it is enriching.​​​​​​​

What makes Quadient a special place to work?

The richness of our different cultures. Today even more, I realize the importance of our international strength. I really appreciate the exchanges with my colleagues outside our region, it's very enriching.

What do you like most about MRS and your role as a salesperson?

This is a difficult question, because depending on the Bunisess Unit we work for, expectations are different, and we are bound to enjoy different things.
Nevertheless, I appreciate the fact that we remember that this is a very important pillar for the company, both in terms of the revenue it brings in and also because it is our identity. We must not forget that.
In my role today, I am discovering this new world of commerce which is not so far from Customer Relations (the world in which I have worked for most of my career) and I love it.
I am really happy with this change!