"Moving to a digital world in a way that is differentiated from our competitors is exhilarating!"

In a few sentences, tell me about yourself

I live in a small town in NH, not even a single stop light, with a population of around 6000 people that is tucked in the mountains with my husband, two kids, and dog.  My daughter is Maddie (14), my son is Tommy (12), my husband is Rob, and our dog is Coco.  We love to spend time outdoors, camping, hiking, or watching our favorite sport teams both professional and local.  We are a very active family and love spending time together as well as with family and friends. 
What attracted you to Quadient and why do you stay?  
  The vision for continuing to modernize the way the world works.  Focusing less on the technology and more on the person, business, community.

Why do you believe in the company's products/services? 

The future sits in the palm of our hands… quite literally!  Today’s society expects immediacy that has been escalated with the mobile world we live in.  Tomorrow’s generation will expect that they can operate their lives and businesses from any technology anywhere.  Our business is sitting at the bleeding edge of making this happen for today’s businesses and that excites me.

What drives and excites you about what you do? 

I grew up saying that I wanted to change the world, make it a better place.  Today I know I am doing that one simple product advancement at a time through solving real world problems that exist for our customers and the interactions they have daily in their businesses.  Moving to a digital world in a way that is differentiated from our competitors is exhilarating! 
What is your favorite part of working with the team?    
Everyone is here to support one another and in the end we all have the same goal of ensuring customer success.  We work together to grow the business but never leave behind the number one objective of customer happiness.  All having one common thread to tie us together keeps our focus strong as we work together to achieve it. 
Why does it matter to you to work somewhere that has EPIC values? Which EPIC value relates the most to you?  
If you can’t love what you do and be surrounded by others that feel the same way work becomes work!  If you really love what you do and are surrounded by others that feel the same way, you’ll never work another day in your life.  That’s how I feel in my role today.  I would say it’s the value of Passion that I relate with most as Passion is what creates a culture of doers and team members that just do what it takes to get the job done.