​​​​​​Matthew´s Story   

Matthew has been in integral part in the driving force behind Quadient.  

"Our EPIC values set a foundation for best business practices that encourage a work culture I’m proud to represent."

Tell us about yourself and what you enjoy doing in your free time. 

I live in Squamish British Columbia, a mountain town nestled oceanside between Vancouver and Whistler. On weekends and holidays you can catch me taking in the natural beauty of my surroundings while hiking, camping, or boating with my wife (Raakel) and three kids (Sawyer 4, Isaac 6, and Savannah 9).

What attracted you to Quadient and why do you stay? 

The industry is ever evolving and keeps me on my toes, I’m continually learning. I love that we build long term relationships with both colleagues and business partners; relationships that are meaningful and reciprocal.

Why do you believe in the company’s products/services?  

My Quadient journey began in 1998 when I started in the industry selling Hasler mailing systems and PFE inserters for my grandfather’s dealer, Pell Business Equipment. In 2015 I joined the Quadient family when Quadient acquired Pell. We’ve come so far! We evolved as a paper based transactional company to a company that seeks long term business partners. We collaborate to enable tools that enhance customer relationships, building valued new ones, and making meaningful connections. We make an impact for business partners and their customers alike, we’re not just a part of the ever-changing world of communications, we’re helping drive it! I can’t help but believe in our vision.
Why is it important to you to work somewhere that has EPIC values? Which EPIC value relates the most to you?    
Values are important in any organization, however Quadient truly takes values to an EPIC level. Our EPIC values set a foundation for best business practices that encourage a work culture I’m proud to represent. 
Empowerment resonates most for me. We strive to empower each other to be our best self. As our best self we can offer great impact to each other and to our business partners.  

What have you learned or how have you grown as a result of working at Quadient? ?
Do you have a couple hours 😉? I’ve been fortunate to learn from some of the best in the industry. One of the most important values I’ve learned is to help others shine. If our team members are succeeding, so am I.