Maria´s Story   




"What I hold dear is the company's genuine acceptance of my authentic self, regardless of my position."


What initially attracted you to Quadient, and what motivates you to continue your journey with the company?

"My journey with Quadient began nearly 15 years ago, and from the moment I walked through the doors, I sensed something truly special. What drew me in during my first interview was the company's remarkable sense of teamwork, a spirit that permeated every corner of the organization. The level of responsibility and diversity  offered immediately sparked my interest and has kept me engaged ever since. This environment, where collaboration thrives and individuality is celebrated, has been a driving force for my continued dedication."
What sets Quadient apart as a special workplace for you, and what specific achievements here make you proud?
"As the Operations Manager for the Nordic region, I've found Quadient to be unlike any other workplace. The role itself is still new, and I'm excited about the collective growth we'll achieve as a team in this unique setting.
Our Nordic team embodies unwavering dedication and embraces our core values, and it fills me with immense pride to be part of such an extraordinary group.
Together, we're not just setting benchmarks, but we're also fostering an environment where shared success is the ultimate achievement."
Among our core values - Empowerment, Passion, Inspiration, and Community EPIC - which one best describes your experience as an Operations Manager?
"Inspiration and Passion resonate most within Operations. The drive to excel and deliver exceptional service is ingrained in each of us, regardless of position or title. As a leader, I find myself influenced by all the EPIC value.
Currently, it's Passion and Empowerment that fuel my daily work. In the new Nordic structure, we're igniting change while infusing excitement into every endeavor, guided by these values."
How do you see your contributions in this position impacting our customers and the overall success of Quadient in the Nordics?  
"I'm an ardent believer that by harnessing our individual strengths and fostering interdepartmental teamwork, Quadient will continue to thrive.
My role is to empower my team to leverage their unique capabilities fully. I find joy in recognizing colleagues' talents and aligning them to complement each other, all the while identifying areas for collective growth. While we may not be experts in every domain, our collective efforts can result in excellence.
My aim is to contribute to exceptional customer service, foster company-wide growth, and ensure that our journey is as enjoyable as it is successful."
​​​​​​​How have you personally and professionally grown at Quadient?  ​​​​​​​
"My nearly 15-year journey with Quadient has been a transformative one, both personally and professionally. The myriad roles I've undertaken have facilitated substantial growth, revealing my strengths and weaknesses along the way. What I hold dear is the company's genuine acceptance of my authentic self, regardless of my position. The opportunities for continuous learning through educational programs have empowered me to identify my potential and work on self-improvement—a testament to quadient´s commitment to all its employees."