Loutissa´s Story

​​​​​​​Loutissa “Tish” has been with Quadient for 10 years. She has a passion to succeed, and Quadient has given her the ability to be successful and fulfill that passion.


"Quadient is my family. The leadership is genuine in driving us forward in building a culture of community."​​


What have you learned about Quadient since you started working here?

"There’s a lot of opportunity here at Quadient. Good performance is rewarded and valued. When I interviewed, I saw the opportunity. I was hired as a supervisor and my role grew to manager to senior manager to director and then to vice president. After being here for 10 years, I’ve learned that growth opportunity wasn’t just a speculation, it’s a reality."

Which of Quadient’s core values resonate the most with you?

"Passion is my core value. I have such a drive inside of me that I’m extremely passionate about the organization and the employees’ success. That wakes me up in the morning and drives me to come to work every day. I have an opportunity to help make a difference in this organization, not just through results, but also through my development and the development of others."

How have you grown personally and professionally while at Quadient?

"As an introvert, communicating with others has always been a challenge for me; however, through interactions with my peers and colleagues, that guard has been dropped. I’m more comfortable walking into a room being my true self. Those relationships of comfort are what make it a community – it’s because of the people.  

Professionally, I’ve learned to engage in the organization as a whole and not just in my current function . I look outside of my position and open my eyes up to the entire genetic makeup of the organization. Originally, I came in with tunnel vision focused on the numbers only. Now it’s about how we make decisions to cultivate customers, so they view themselves as part of our community."