"Get hands on with the products you are working on - you never know where it will lead."

In a few sentences, tell us about yourself...

My family and I live in Milford, my goal was always to work and live in the same city to try to give back to the community and cut down on my commute! I joined the Quadient team in 2019 as a Product Manager in Software Solutions and since have made a transition within the company to Product Manager in Parcel Locker Solutions business line. When I am not at the baseball field for my 7 year old (Nolan) and 4 year old (Conall), I love to travel and tinker with house projects. I am always trying to learn a new trade or designing a new project for my house. 

You recently were promoted to Product Manager in PLS. Can you tell us how that transition came about?

I worked on a cross-functional team when I started out at Quadient on a shipping kiosk product and I had forged some great relationships with colleagues through that project. Fast-forward 4 years and that cross-functional team is now a majority of my colleagues on PLS and I am very excited to get to work with them again! With my background at Quadient in mailing and shipping software, I managed our inbound tracking software (WTS) and the integration to the lockers. I was always interested in how higher education used lockers, especially during move in, and I got to work hand in hand with Product Engineering to physically test the lockers interfacing with WTS.

Why did you decide to stay at Quadient instead of looking outside for a new position? How was your overall experience during your interview process to transitioning to your new role? 

I was interested in staying at Quadient because I knew the people and the support I would get in the new role, as well as being able to maintain the relationships I had already built here. Quadient has a vast expanse of software to learn and get involved with and I thought this would be a great transition from my mailing and shipping software knowledge. My TA recruiter Amy made the whole process very easy and kept me updated with every movement throughout interviewing, an official offer, to transitioning roles. I appreciated her openness when I had questions and being in those conversations so that I could focus on my transition and introduction into the new role.

​​​​​​​What advice do you have for prospective candidates and newjoiners? 
Embrace the culture. Go on the volunteer days to help your communities and meet your coworkers in a different setting. Get on video to make the personal connection with all of your coworkers around the world. And most importantly, get hands on with the products you are working on – you never know where it will lead.

What are 3 words that best describe Quadient? 

Flexible, Customer Focused, Established