Fanta´s Story

​​​​​​​Fanta is based in Bagneux, France. She values the company’s bold stance on social issues and its contributions to the needs of the communities we serve.


"I can be myself at Quadient. I’m seen as an individual. We have structure, but within that structure, we have the freedom to take initiative and to express ourselves — to be ourselves ."​​


Why are Quadient’s values important to you?

"What Quadient does for its employees and for society in general aligns with my personal values. I wanted to work for a company that has honorable values and is engaged with issues like the environment and education. Recently, our company donated computers to schools for home schooling."

​​​​​​​What makes Quadient a special place to work?

"Our managers lead with humanity and empathy. In the current climate, a lot of attention has been given to employee mental health and the flexibility to work from home. Managers are not micro-managing us. We have objectives and deliverables, and they trust us to do our jobs."

How do you feel you make an impact at Quadient?

"I’ve made an impact by sharing my story. Whether positive or negative, people can learn from hearing someone else’s story. Even as a young professional, I’m able to openly share my perspectives and experiences, and it’s valued by my colleagues.
I feel empowered. I can make suggestions, and I will be heard. We’re encouraged to step out of our comfort zone and speak up if we see an opportunity for improvement or new tools to be implemented. I can make a proposition, and people listen."

How does Quadient build an inclusive environment?

"I’m very proud of the involvement of my company in social matters. During the Black Lives Matter movement, Quadient’s CEO posted a message on LinkedIn, making a bold stand against police brutality. This showed me that this is a great place to work. I stepped up to work on the Black History Month project because Quadient is sincere about diversity and inclusion. They’re not just doing this for their image. And, they’re not just focused on one community. They’re also working on projects for the LGBT community and empowering women."