Anne-Charlotte´s Story

Joining Quadient five months ago, Anne-Charlotte describes her experience with the company in one word … metamorphosis.


"Quadient is reshaping the organization and changing its business model. The field of possibilities is huge. All the things I can work on — the diversity of topics and the experience I can gain — are tremendous."​​


What was the tipping point that convinced you to join Quadient?

"The company is global, so it means I would be working with a great diversity of people. That’s what I was looking to find. Also, Quadient’s management team is diverse in terms of nationalities, gender and experiences. It’s really interesting and brings a lot of value for me."

What makes Quadient a special place to work?

"What I really love about Quadient is the empowerment of employees. We are encouraged to do what we think is best, push the limits, and take things into our own hands. The leaders are very open-minded, ready to be challenged and to hear new ideas."

Do you feel Quadient creates an inclusive culture?

"We are in a very male-dominated industry, so change takes time. But the organization is making progress. Quadient is building communities for people to gather on diverse topics, including people with disabilities and LGBT+ communities. We’ve had programs for International Women’s Day and Black History Month. 
Regarding women in business, we’re not at the end of the road, and there is a lot of progress to be made. But it’s promising, Quadient is committed to have this change happen. We should not think we’ve won the battle and should keep working diligently for continued progress. Quadient has a diverse board, so it’s great to see women at the top."

Is there something unique about Quadient?

"What’s amazing about Quadient is the will to change and to change fast. In my role, we’re implementing tools and processes that did not exist before, and we’re able to do that very efficiently across this global organization. For a company the size of Quadient, with the autonomy within each country, all of that coming together and moving efficiently is very impressive."