Andrew´s Story

Andrew recently relocated to Singapore and is playing an important role in growing our customer base and partnerships throughout Asia.


"For me, the really important word to describe Quadient is ‘community’. Before I came to Singapore, I worked for Quadient as their sole representative in Korea for two years. Throughout all of that time, I have never felt disconnected. My manager and team play a huge part in that sense of community. They really go out of their way to make it inclusive.”



What attracted you to join Quadient?

I’ve been at Quadient now for more than three years. However, I knew them quite well before I joined because I have been in CXM industry quite long time in South Korea.  However, I had felt starved of IT innovation. So when I saw the opportunity at Quadient, I knew this was my chance to move into an environment centred on innovation. 

     What’s your current situation?

My current role is as a Solutions Architect in Pre-Sales and I recently relocated with my family to Singapore. I get to engage with potential new clients at an early stage, formulating technology ​​​​​​​solutions. It calls for a combination of commercial awareness, technical knowledge and imagination. I’m surrounded by a great team too, which really makes a difference. 

What do you like most about working for Quadient?

Quadient is a very open and very flat structure, not like other traditional enterprises. I can contact anybody very easily, such as the Product Manager or the R&D team. We all collaborate, we all think creatively together. For me, the really important word to describe Quadient is ‘community’. Everyone works hard to make you feel welcome.