"I have the best role as it encompasses hiring in many countries across 4 continents and multiple time zones."

What attracted you to Quadient and why do you stay?  ​​​​​​​

Right from the start of the hiring process I felt that there was a genuine interest in me and when reviewing the company website, I was able to connect with the business vision as well as the EPIC values and the diversity of profiles from videos and interviews all over the web.

What makes Quadient a special place to work? What makes you proud to work here? 

Without a doubt, the people I work with on a daily basis are what makes Quadient a great place to be. From my colleagues in talent acquisition, to hiring managers, senior leadership and the many talented people whom I’ve been able to introduce to the company, I’m proud to be working with such diverse and talented individuals.

What are some ways you feel Quadient creates an inclusive community? 

I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in leading diversity in talent acquisition projects and having been given this opportunity has shown me just how important the full remit of diversity and inclusion is at quadient, through presenting at our diversability meeting to engaging with other empowered groups and our philanthropy activities.

How do you share and celebrate your own culture at Quadient and the cultures and backgrounds of others?

I have the best role as it encompasses hiring in many countries across 4 continents and multiple time zones. What better way is there to be exposed to other cultures and learn from people from those cultures, discussing our differences and learning how to collaborate successfully.

How have you grown in your role or personally while at Quadient? 

I’ve been empowered to manage my region, building relationships with key stakeholders at the ex-comm level internationally which has been a great experience. I also wanted to lead on projects to bring new experiences and I feel those opportunities have been given to me with the trust, flexibility and autonomy to deliver.